Women translators who rock… but nobody knows

– It’s no secret that women don’t gain as much recognition as their male counterparts in different fields. Translation is no exception.

In light of International Women’s Day, we’ve crafted a sampling of three amazing women translators. From different times, countries, and with a wide range of subject matter expertise, each of them helped shape the history and development of translation in a unique way 🖋️.

  • Anne Dacier (Latin and Greek to French): Her translations introduced Homer’s epic poems to the French literary world.
  • Zenobia Camprubí (English to Spanish): A translator, author, and professor… a true advocate for Spanish feminism.
  • Sarah Austin (German and French to English): The study and understanding of German literature wouldn’t be the same without her.

At Localipsum, we advocate for women’s rights and support the promotion of equal opportunities for everyone 🙌.