Respect. Understanding. Honesty

Three simple words that define what we care about and how we partner with our clients. Our process has refined over time to guarantee we deliver a killer language project, every single time.

As your trusted language partner, we start each project by understanding your goals and expectations.

We wrap our heads around the project and what is needed. We’ll hash out timelines and processes while working on a personalized pricing plan for your project.

After talking through your needs, we’ll create a tailored solution for your project.

This means mixing the right resources and technology to deliver what you need when you need it. Once you give us the thumbs up, it’s time for us to get going. 

Once we’ve aligned on what we’re doing, we find the right talent to hit the ground running and get the job done.

With our team of linguists, creatives, and subject matter experts, we provide you with a personalized, tailored plan for your project. And if something goes outside of plans, our team is flexible, accessible, and ready to carry the project to fruition.

Now that we have the
right folks, it’s time for us
to get to work!

Throughout this phase, we’ll keep you updated on timelines and project updates, making sure you’re always aware of significant changes or blockers so that we can explore a new solution together.

Once the work has been completed, our leadership team personally reviews it.

We love our clients, and they make all the hard work we put into our services worthwhile. Our team goes above and beyond to make sure you’re blown away by what we turnaround!

We do so much more than translation! We can localize, translate, and transcreate content such as multimedia, voiceovers, subtitling, online interpreting, designing, typesetting, interpretation training, bilingual evaluations, and so much more. Some of our favorite projects have been creative political campaigns, Hollywood blockbusters, and children’s books. If you don’t see what you need on this list, reach out. We’re happy to chat and see what we can do for you.

When it comes to formatting, we provide the translated file in the same format we received; however, we can also support new formats if that interests you. For delivery methods, it depends on the file size. For small files, the fastest and most efficient way is via email. With larger files (and smaller files if you choose), we can upload them to digital storage platforms like Google Drive and provide you with a download link for easy access. We’re also open to uploading them directly to your company’s platform (assuming we have permission to do so).

The best way to get an appropriate quote is to share a draft of your content with us. The closer it is to the final version, the more accurate our quote will be. That being said, we know it may take a while to get your final draft in place. If that’s the case, share what you have with us, and we’ll use our experience to generate a ballpark number. Once the project is complete, we’ll bill to actual.

We know every client is different, so our model is to be flexible and versatile to support them! We accept payment through check or ACH. We also encourage our clients to set up an account with us, where they will be able to pay on agreed terms, whether that be per project, per month, or on a retainer.

No, we choose not to. While we recognize many companies thrive on using AI nowadays to complete projects quickly, our specialty is being human-powered. The tools in our quiver are our trusted linguists, creatives, and managers, who bring their expertise and empathy to every translated word. Your success is the most important to us. We don’t want to compromise your translation project’s integrity, quality, and accuracy with ML or AI.

Project timelines can vary based on your needs, available resources, and the type of work (translation, localization, or transcreation). As a rule of thumb, standard turnaround time can be anywhere from 5 to 7 business days for projects that are less than 5000 words. Yet, ​we’ll always provide you with a timeline for project completion along with your estimate for transparency.

We also understand that sometimes there may be last-minute projects that come out of nowhere! That’s why we offer rush options to support those last-minute projects that keep you up at night. Reach out to learn more!

Need more information? We’re here to help.

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