Sample projects


Over all these years, we've worked with hundreds of clients on exciting projects.

From commercials, to board games, concepts for punchy political campaigns, children's books, movie subtitles, and yes, even some X-rated ones for a film festival or two, we’ve done it all. Check out just a few of the amazing projects we’ve worked on.

UC Davis

UC Davis hired us to translate, redesign, and reformat the educational curriculum for their USDA Food and Nutrition Service project, bringing a new, teacher, parent and kid-friendly experience ready for release.

Kanban Portezuelo

As part of our work with Salta la Chiva, we translated a board game from Spanish to Mozambique Portuguese, a challenging and niche Portuguese flavor spoken in the region of southeastern Africa. 

Shady Ships

We worked with Ship It Zero to launch a transcreated video campaign, exposing the untold environmental and public health impacts of retail companies’ reliance on fossil-fueled maritime shipping.

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