Tomorrow is International Translation Day!

In light of this year’s theme “Translation unveils the many faces of humanity”, we’ve decided to combine two passions of ours here at Localipsum. Translation and interpretation, of course, plus movies! Films including interpreters are a great example of how their work can go from tense political dramas to heartwarming tales of human connection. Here’s an overview of our cinematic explorations:


Featured in the 2023 SXSW Film Festival and the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, this stunning black and white piece directed by Babak Jalali debuted to a rave 95% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Anita Wali Zada plays Donya, an Afghan immigrant and former translator for the U.S. military, living in an Afghan community in Fremont, California. She struggles to put her life back together, while she works in a Chinese fortune cookie factory. Donya soon finds out her job can be the opportunity to write her own story, inside each cookie.

Colorful note: Our Chief Troublemaker made a run to the nearest independent theater to catch this one and loved it! Other folks that just saw the preview and thought it was a comedy, not so much.


The interpreter 

Directed by Sydney Pollack, ‘The Interpreter’ takes us into the heart of the United Nations, where Sylvia Broome (portrayed by Nicole Kidman) works as an interpreter. The plot takes a thrilling twist when Sylvia overhears an assassination plot while translating a diplomatic discussion. This movie not only underscores the vital role of interpreters in diplomacy but also explores the moral dilemmas they can encounter in their line of duty.


Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Arrival’ takes a unique approach to the interpreter’s role. Dr. Louise Banks, portrayed by Amy Adams, is a linguistics professor tasked with deciphering an alien language. Her ability to communicate with extraterrestrial beings becomes paramount in preventing a global catastrophe. This film beautifully illustrates the profound impact interpreters can have on interstellar relations, showcasing their adaptability and intellect.

Did you know? Over our +30 years of experience in the translation field, we have worked on some incredible films. Even some award-winning ones! We just haven’t starred in one… yet.

On a very special day, we salute our colleagues and feel deep appreciation for our team members. We honor all those who practice the art of breaking down language barriers and bringing cultures together as an everyday – never mundane – task.