We’re Localipsum.
A small and mighty team with a global reach.


If you're here, you’ve probably figured out we're a translation agency. And no, we’re not your typical boring agency.

Unlike most, we’re people-first. What does “people-first” mean, you ask?

We are humans working with humans and we forge true relationships with our clients.

People are the core of what we do, so we value and cherish each of our clients.

And as part of our people-first approach, we love dedicating time to our clients to deeply understand their goals and business priorities, working closely to deliver high-impact, kick-ass results.

Over the past 35 years (yes, we’re old and proud), we’ve worked with hundreds of clients on the most creative and wild projects.

From commercials, to board games, creating concepts for punchy political campaigns, children's books, and movie subtitles -- and yes, even some X-rated ones for a film festival or two -- we’ve leveraged our subject matter expertise, coupled with our passion for language and translation, to strategize and execute on some pretty cool projects.

And not to leave anyone behind, but we also have an awesome team specializing in legal and HR translations, since we know those are also important to your organization.

We know we’re at the top of our game

and if you still don’t believe us,

our client testimonials speak for themselves.

We love what we do, and we’re here to work with you to make exciting stuff happen.
If you’d like to work with an agency that is engaging, flexible, and ultra-loyal to clients, we’re ready to talk whenever you are.

Been there, done that.

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Meet our global team of leaders

Mónica Nainsztein

Chief Troublemaker

Singing? Check. Standup comedy? Check. Doing both barefooted in her room at 3 am? Check. And a tip, never let her cook — unless you like the taste of burnt ash. Monica is the founder of Localipsum (who never sleeps) with over 35+ years in the translation industry. 

Alejandra Otazu

Vendor Wrangler

Ale’s got Localipsum’s projects on lockdown, like a ninja with a clipboard, all while casually dunking deadlines in mate cocido! With a laugh that could charm the grumpiest of Mondays, she’s the office’s resident magician, turning stress into smiles!

Franco Lamagni

Juggler of Ops

Our very own excel wizard. His spirit animal has to be an octopus because multitasking is his superpower. An avid learner with unnatural curiosity, Franco is our Director of Ops who keeps Localipsum running — whether it’s day or night.

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Why we’re different

Our Values

Organizations of all sizes and industries trust us, you will too
Yes it’s true, we love engaging in thoughtful and productive conversations with our clients, sharing our passion and eagerness for our work. This helps us develop strong relationships that lay the foundation for great work.
We show up and do what we said we’d do. Whenever things don't go according to plan, we take personal responsibility and work with our teams to create a new plan. We trust each other to get things done, take ownership of our work, and always honor our commitments.
Being Human
We live in a society alienated by the values of money, productivity, deliverables, superficial self-esteem, the interchangeability of resources, carelessness, lack of self-awareness and empathy -- and in our industry, moving more towards machine translation. We believe that prioritizing being "human" is a value in itself because we need to recover that sense of self and society working together.
What do you think
another value should be?
By now, you’ve taken a scroll through our website, or you’re already a fan of the work we’ve done through the years. What do you think is our fifth value?
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