Beyond borders: video localization

Beyond borders: video localization Digital landscape knows no borders – or bounds. Businesses and content creators are constantly seeking ways to expand their reach. One …

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The unsung hero

The unsung hero The etymology of “translation” can be traced from the Latin “translatio,”  meaning “to bring or carry across.” This ancient origin encapsulates what …

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We bring the ‘WOW’ Factor: UC Davis Case

We bring the WOW Factor: UC Davis Case Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey that combines language, design, and education? Then look …

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Elevate your global reach

Elevate your global reach When it comes to amplifying operations and reaching new horizons, localization is your ally. This process allows businesses to navigate the …

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Gaining a competitive edge through Human-Localization

Gaining a competitive edge through Human-localization Gaining a competitive edge through Human-localization In today’s interconnected world, businesses are expanding their reach across borders, entering new …

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We translate “legales” into “legalese”

We translate legales into legalese – At Localipsum, we have a team of attorneys turned translators and translators turned attorneys! Our unique blend of legal …

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