Kanban Portezuelo

As part of our work with Salta la Chiva, we translated a board game from Spanish to Mozambique Portuguese, a challenging and niche Portuguese flavor spoken in the region of southeastern Africa.

Project Name

Kanban Portezuelo


Salta la Chiva

Client Location



Translation | Localization

Content Type

Entertainment Business | Development

Source Language

Spanish (AR)

Target Language

Portuguese (MZ)

The Challenge

Salta la Chiva tasked us with the translation of a famous Argentinian board game called Kanban Portezuelo, the result of a creative partnership between our client and Jica, a Japanese International Cooperation Agency. Kanban Portezuelo provides companies and key production teams the tools to understand improvements in productivity through the implementation of Kaizen methodology.


The board game needed to travel across international waters all the way to Mozambique and we had to translate it from Spanish into Portuguese. Now, while Portuguese is a common language to translate into, the adaptation into the Mozambique flavor is quite unique. You know us a bit by now: we had to find the right team that geeked out on board games so it'd be a truly fun and engaging experience for all.

As soon as this project came into our sights, we were game! By following our rule book, we found the winning team.

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