Localipsum is not afraid of ChatGPT. Transcreation is not automatic translation. From slogans and TV commercials to marketing ads and award-winning political campaigns, we’ve done it all.

“Suck your fingers and savor”!!! No, we are not afraid of ChatGPT

– What do “Eat your fingers off” and “Suck your fingers and savor” have in common? They both lack a deeper understanding of the target audience. KFC’s tragic invitation to cannibalize your fingers was extended when they opened their first Chinese location in the 1980s. “Finger lickin’ good” turned into a bone-crunching experience. Ouch!

Fast forward to 2023 and ChatGPT extends an invitation to “Suck our fingers and savor”; the concept is the same, but doesn’t it just sound wrong?

Automatic translation isn’t there yet so no, we are not afraid of ChatGPT.

At Localipsum, we’ve mastered the art of transcreation, without any reputations – or fingers – being harmed in the making of your order.