Localipsum's mission: to translate ‘Kanban Portezuelo,’ a famous Argentinian board game for companies

Study case: Kanban Portezuelo

– From Argentina to Southeast Africa! 🇦🇷➡ 🇲🇿 #SaltaLaChiva was ready for a global departure and jumped on the first Localipsum flight they could find. ✈️

As soon as this project came into our sights, we were game! Good thing, as this was a board game that needed to be shared with the world.

The journey: turn ‘Kanban Portezuelo’ into a truly international game. Imagine a Japanese productivity tool as a super cool game! That’s what Argentinian Salta la Chiva accomplished… they translated Kaizen methodology into a fun activity for all employees!

It was up to us to land that game in Mozambique, with that unique Portuguese flavor.

We assembled a winning team of board game enthusiasts who were excited to dive into the task. Curious about the stunning results? You can find them here: localipsum.com/salta-la-chiva.

Choose the right voyage partner: Localipsum, we’re here to help 📩.