The unsung hero

The etymology of “translation” can be traced from the Latin “translatio,”  meaning “to bring or carry across.” This ancient origin encapsulates what we do in this discipline: carry your story across the world to various audiences!

A seamless journey

There are many different language services out there,  with some of them more focused on the adaptation of ideas, like Localization or Transcreation, and even Tech-Localization). While different, these services all orbit around the sun of translation: the transmission of a message, in the most authentic and accurate way.

Strategic asset

Businesses hoping to expand often encounter linguic obstacles, in all sizes and forms. For example, more technical documents like manuals, instructions, and compliance and policy documents, translation is required. But what about customer-facing digital content?

Let’s build language bridges together

At Localipsum, we don’t talk about language barriers: we prefer to see these as opportunities for exchange and mutual growth, just like a bridge. This includes a crucial first step, whether you need a creative masterpiece or more of a technical endeavor: wrapping our heads around your needs and goals. 

In our +20 years of experience in the field, we’ve worked with all types of content (and no, we’re not exaggerating). We’re always ready to carry your content across the globe! Our (digital) door is always open.