UC Davis hired us to translate, redesign, and reformat the educational curriculum for their USDA Food and Nutrition Service project, bringing a new, teacher, parent and kid-friendly experience ready for release.

Project Name

Healthy Habits for Kids


UC Davis

Client Location


Client website


Translation | Visual Redesign | Typesetting (DTP)

Content Type


Source Language

English (US)

Target Language

Spanish (US)

The Challenge

UC Davis was in need of translation to launch their educational curriculum in Spanish for children from PreK to third grade. The content was quite comprehensive, communicating information on the USDA Food and Nutrition Service guidelines, and was comprised of 5 teachers’ guides, along with handouts for students and parents. To put a neat bow on it, we were also tasked with making it ADA compliant


Our review of the original content provided us with an opportunity to showcase our talent beyond translation. We presented an option to the client that included a complete redesign of the curriculum as the images were somewhat outdated and we wanted to bring a “wow” factor to the material that would inspire teachers and motivate students. We knew it was an opportunity for us to partner closely with UC Davis and the original content creators to reimagine the way their material was presented.

We know that when style and design is involved, taste ranges from client to client. We decided to invite four senior designers to submit their ideas for a complete makeover:

the redesign required them to come up with a style, layout, content organization, font and characters for the client to choose from; we wanted the personality of the project to shine through. Once UC Davis selected the designer we turned our attention to building a robust typesetting team. The design and typesetting team created new layouts for the English material and, once completed, we put together a top-notch translation team with a specialized consultant in primary education.
compu_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 3

The very first step included creating a glossary and term base in Spanish to ensure that teachers, children, and parents could understand, and relate to, the content translated.

The end result was exactly what UC Davis needed — a fun, enjoyable, and easy-to-read curriculum with gorgeous visuals designed specifically for their teachers with the child audience in mind.

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